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3 Features New Cars Have Now That They Didn't Have Ten Years Ago

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If you are thinking about getting a car then you generally have two choices: new or used. Used cars can give you a lot of value for money, but if you want to buy an investment that will last for a long time then you cannot go past new cars. New cars also have a lot of distinct advantages over many used cars and lots of new features that make driving so much more comfortable. Here are three features that new cars have today that they didn't ten years ago, and why they matter. 

Parking Assist

While it used to be almost impossible to park in tight spaces, modern cars now have cameras and computers that tell you exactly how close you are to other cars and objects. This allows you to safely park into the narrowest of parking spaces, while also letting you know if you can't park in a particular place. It also allows you to reverse park far easier than ever before, which makes leaving a breeze. If you've always struggled with parking then you absolutely should focus on new cars as opposed to used cars that don't have any of the parking assist features.

More Safety

Cars today are safer in virtually every aspect compared to ten years ago. When you drive, you now have a bunch of new safety features that warn you about any objects coming up unexpectedly, such as a child running out into the street, as well as better airbags and stronger material. When parked, the security systems in your car prevent any unwanted entries, while being simpler than ever for you to get in with keyless entries. These systems also last longer than ever, with more powerful batteries capable of taking care of all your cars electronic systems for years with no problem.


If you don't really enjoy driving cars and just want to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible, then perhaps new cars will change your mind. With more entertainment options than ever, you will never be bored while driving. Whether you want to connect your phone via Bluetooth, browse any number of music streaming platforms or even put on a podcast or TV show (for a passenger) there are so many options. The best part is you don't even need a phone to do all of this; many cars now able to connect to the internet themselves.