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2 Reasons to Get an Unconditional MC Driving Licence

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If you want to boost your driving job prospects, then you might be ready to apply for an MC licence. This licence allows you to drive vehicles towing more than one trailer.

Before you look for training courses, think about which type of MC licence you need. Some licences in this class only allow you to drive vehicles with automatic or manual synchromesh gearboxes.

However, you can apply for an unconditional type of licence here. If you have this licence, you can drive trucks with any gearboxes. This includes non-synchromesh double-clutching gearboxes that aren't included in any other MC licence.

When is an unconditional MC licence a good idea?

1. Your Company Uses Non-Synchromesh Gearboxes

If your company owns some vehicles that use non-synchromesh gearboxes, then you can only drive these trucks if you have an unconditional MC licence. This level of licence could be a useful career move.

Lots of drivers go for MC licences that cover automatic and/or standard manual gearboxes; they don't take this further step. So, your company might not employ as many people who can drive this class of truck.

You might get more jobs if you can fill the gap on these vehicles. If things get tough down the line and your company has to let drivers go, then you might be more likely to keep your job. If you can drive any truck, you're a better option than a driver who has a limited licence.

It is worth talking to your boss about this step before you sign up for a training course. They might be really keen for you to get an advanced licence to boost their in-house skills set. They can also talk to you about whether it would change the jobs you get and your job prospects with the company.

2. You're Looking to Change Jobs

If you're on the job market at the moment or are planning a move in the near future, then an advanced unconditional licence could boost your prospects. It shows that you are qualified to drive any multi-combination truck.

If you apply to a company that uses or plans to buy vehicles with non-synchromesh gearboxes, then you get an advantage over applicants who don't have this class of licence. Even if a company doesn't need these skills, your commitment to advanced training could stand you in good stead.

Bear in mind, you can also upgrade to an unconditional licence later after getting a different MC licence. If you aren't sure which option to choose, contact local MC licence training companies for more advice.