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New Car Features That Can Keep You Safer On The Road

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When shopping for a new car, you may want to invest in certain luxury features that will keep you more comfortable when driving, but it's also good to think about features that will keep you safer when on the road. These features can reduce your risk of an accident or collision, and even alert you when you're obviously too tired to drive. Note a few of those safety features here, so you can ask about them when you're ready to shop for your next new car.

Windows that deflect liquid

There are coatings you can buy to apply to car windows that will help liquid run off the glass, but these coatings usually wear away after not too long and may be rather ineffective against heavy rain, morning dew and the like. Today's new car windows may have specialty coatings built right into the glass that won't wear away and will repel even heavy rainwater and dew, keeping the windows free of fog and condensation. These may also be paired with heated wiper blades for the windows, making it easier to wipe away snow and ice.

Sensors to keep you in the centre of the lane

Drifting to one side of a lane or the other can be very dangerous, but some drivers struggle to keep their car in the centre of the lane, especially if they drive an oversized car, truck or SUV. New vehicles may be equipped with sensors that tell you when you're drifting to one side or the other and alert you to when you're back in the centre. This keeps you safer and away from other drivers when you're on the road.

Sensors for when you're struggling to drive

While some drivers struggle to stay in the centre of a lane, other drivers may be fatigued, inebriated or otherwise unable to drive safely at all. High-tech sensors can note when you seem to continuously drift from one side of the lane to another, when your speed is not consistent, or when you're showing other signs of being unable to drive safely. These sensors may sound an alert that helps you to wake up or that warns you when you may need to pull over. If you're a heavy drinker, drive long hours or at night or otherwise know that you're not always in the best condition for driving, it can be good to invest in a vehicle with these sensors to ensure you're not a danger to yourself and others.