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Damaged Paintwork: 2 Top Tips

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If you have recently been involved in a minor road accident, the paintwork on your car may have been scratched or chipped. While damage to the paintwork will not affect the mechanics of your vehicle or your ability to drive it, it can make a car look bad. Damaged paintwork will also reduce the value of your vehicle if you decide to sell it. That is why is always a good idea to have your car resprayed by a professional auto paint shop. Below are two top tips you should follow if your car's paintwork has been damaged. 

You should never use spray paint to carry out a DIY job

Because having your car professionally sprayed cost money, some drivers attempt to cut corners by carrying out a DIY paint job using standard spray paint. This is a bad idea. The paint used by a professional auto body repair shop is formed of several different layers which help to protect your car and to ensure that the colour sticks to the metal surface. Normal spray paint isn't applied in layers and is unlikely to contain enough adhesive to bond with the metal exposed surface of your vehicle. This means that the paint will quickly fade and flake away.

It can also be challenging to properly colour match the bodywork of your car with the selection of colours offered in a range of standard spray cans. Using the wrong shade of paint can make any damage standout and may even look worse than leaving the area unpainted. A professional bodywork shop will be able to match your car body to the appropriate paint perfectly.

You should have paint repairs carried out as soon as possible

Because damage to the paintwork does not affect your ability to drive your car, it may be tempting to put off any repairs. However, you should aim to have the work carried out as soon as possible. The reason for this is because damage to the paintwork can result in metal being exposed to the elements. Without the protective layer of paint to protect it, the metal can begin to rust. Rust not only looks bad but over an extended period of time, it can weaken the frame of your car.

If you would like to find out more about why you should have damaged paintwork repaired by a professional auto repair shop, you should contact an automotive spray painting specialist.