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3 Signs You Need to Go for Gearbox Repairs Instead of Replacement

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When a gearbox breaks down, you may think that replacing it is the ideal option. There is a misconception that a replacement will reduce work downtime and it will save money in the long run. There are several issues with this, including that some replacements are actually refurbished. Here are some signs that you need to consider gearbox repairs instead of a replacement and how each can help you and your business in the long run.

Minimal Repair Needs

The first thing to consider is how many repairs need to be done and the cost of each repair. For example, if you have a break down of a washing machine and you find out it is only the belt, then you don't want to spend hundreds replacing the machine when the belt is a cheap and quick replacement. The same goes for your gearbox. If the issue is a small and quick replacement, then it makes more sense for your budget and your work time to make that repair rather than go with the replacement.

Only Refurbished is Available

If you find that you are considering a replacement, and the only option available is a refurbished model, then you may want to consider the repair option instead. The reason for this is based on what a refurbished option means. A refurbished option refers to more than one part or area of the gearbox being replaced instead of gearbox repairs. Though this may sound ideal, the refurbished parts may be used, and they may overlook other areas of the gearbox. For example, certain parts may have been replaced, but other areas were not meaning they could wear down quickly causing another expense. Instead, consider gearbox repairs for the issue you are having and staying within your budget for the repair costs rather than buying a more costly refurbished option.

DIY Repair Option

If the gearbox repairs are simple and can be done on your own or by a mechanic onsite, then you may want to avoid a replacement option. This is something that you may think is common knowledge, but the truth is it can be looked over in a time of panic when the gearbox is broken, and you need a quick fix. Quick fixes generally lead to replacement rather than the option of DIY repairs that can get you by for the rest of the current work order or project.

These are just three of the key points to keep in mind regarding choosing gearbox repairs over replacement. There are several other signs, but the main point to remember is to judge the downtime and the pricing of the repairs versus the replacement. If you are unsure what you should consider for your specific equipment, consider an evaluation from a technician to weigh the full scope of the repairs.