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Answering Questions About Automotive Windscreen Repair

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Getting your vehicle's windscreen repaired as soon as you notice any type of chip, crack, or other such damage is very important, as a broken windscreen is weak and more prone to outright shattering in the event of a collision. Chips and cracks can also block your view of traffic, and result in an expensive citation if you should get pulled over. If you have a vehicle that needs windscreen repair, note a few questions you might have about this work, so you know to get it done properly and know what to expect when it comes to these repairs.

Will the repair be invisible?

The purpose of windscreen repair is to make the glass tough and durable again, so it won't shatter if the car should roll over, or if someone in the car should actually hit the windscreen during an accident. The repair also fills in a crack or chip so that this damage doesn't obscure your vision while driving.

However, while the repair is meant to be virtually invisible, it might still be slightly noticeable upon a very close inspection of the windscreen. If it's important to you that the windscreen have a perfect appearance, such as for a car you display in shows or for a vehicle you're thinking of selling, you might have the windscreen outright replaced.

Can you repair a windscreen on your own?

There are windscreen repair kits you can buy so you can perform this work on your own, but these kits are not usually recommended. If you don't perform the repair properly, the gel in such kits may not harden as it should, or you might try to fix damage that is actually beyond repair, so that the windscreen is still very weak and susceptible to shattering. To ensure the glass of your vehicle is safe and strong, leave this work to a professional.

Can tinted windows be repaired?

Note that vehicle window tint is typically applied on the inside of the glass, whereas most damage to windscreens occurs on the outside of the glass. In turn, it's possible that the window tint itself has not been damaged, even if the glass is cracked or chipped. Having the windscreen itself fixed can mean a clear view once again, even on tinted glass. However, if the crack or chip has broken through the glass, it may have also damaged the tint itself. You may need to get the windscreen repaired and then have the tint at least touched up as well.

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